A Stoic Meditation

I’ve recently adopted the habit of a brief meditation in the morning. It helps me get prepared for the day and not forget my keys and such. After a few weeks of random meditations, I decided to standardize and write a small verse to recite that encapsulates my life philosophy, and how I want to approach each day.  The meditation ended up being a little too wordy in my opinion,  so I made a shorter version that I’ve called a Stoic Creed.  Here are both:

Stoic Meditation

Today I will work on my tasks because they have merit.
Today I will search for merit or ways of creating it where there appears to be none.

I will deal with life better today than I have before.
I will respond to negativity with kindness, and to kindness with joy!

My opponents and detractors exist to show me how I do not wish to be.
My failures remind me that success isn’t free.

In the future, my outlook will be different.
In the future, the people and things I enjoy today will be gone.
But today I will enjoy them!

Stoic Creed

Seek truth and distrust appearances.
Seek improvement but not perfection.

Appreciate kindness by displaying it.
Appreciate challenges by accepting them.

Recognize that all things are temporary.
Appreciate life by living in the present.


About Zeno

Zeno is an engineering graduate, currently working as software developer in Canada. The alias was adopted in honour of Zeno of Citium, the founder of Stoic philosophy in ancient Greece.
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